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This is an explainer video about the fifth episode of “Thinking Fast and Slow”. In this video there will be new topics that will be discussed in the fifth episode of “Thinking Fast and Slow”. There will be mini clip art drawings in this explainer video that will guide you through the process of learning and understanding the fifth episode of “Thinking Fast and Slow”. This short explainer video is not just entertaining but this is also educational to those who wants to learn what the fifth episode of “Thinking Fast and Slow” is all about. It explains and visually projects what happens during our cognitive processes and how it works. This videos come in series and is very interesting to stay tuned in. If you are eager to learn more about what the fifth episode has prepared for you, go on and press the play button and discover what learnings awaits you!

Script & Storyboard
Welcome back to minutevideos, and our fifth episode of 'Thinking Fast and Slow'. Last time we saw you, you were mere moments away from a vicious probing - that is until your fast-acting system 1 kicked in.
Now, you're hurtling towards a strange, and unidentified planet you can only surmise is light years from earth. Understandably, you're dealing with a fair amount of stress; your mental kingdom is in disarray.
Your mind is in a constant state of assessment. Amongst the many constant assessments it is making, one is known as Cognitive Ease. What that means, is that your mind is constantly deciding if you're in a state of ease or strain.
When you're in a situation of strain, such as being hurled towards a dangerous new planet, your brain knows that it will require some cognitive effort from system 2 to help solve your predicament. Hopefully, your inner scholar has a good plan.
At this point, it's quite clear that things aren't looking so good. You have to stay calm, and stay level-headed. You don't know what you're about to encounter on this new planet. Friend-or-foe? Dinosaurs? You're about to find out.
As you look out of the window, the ship approaches a futuristic city, and in the center is a giant golden castle. Perhaps, that is your destination? It all seems so familiar, but that doesn't make much sense. But, how could it be?
As you zip through the city, you notice symbols on billboards and buildings. Strangely, this world, and the alien symbols seem inexplicably clear to you, as if you have some innate ability to read the strange language.
This familiarity is known as Illusions of Remembering. When you see a familiar word, it gets stored in your memory bank. When your brain registers these familiar words it gives you an illusion that it is somehow related to your past experiences.
This must just be an illusion of remembering, you couldn't possibly have seen this strange place before, right? Something fishy is going on here, and you're going to get to the bottom of it. Next time.
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