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Laid off?! [1.1] 40 years of knowledge, skill, talent [1.2] with thousands of hours devoted to them [1.3] and just like that, unemployed? [1.4] I stood in my tracks; frozen; speechless. What do I do now? [1.5]
It was 18 months ago that I applied to this place. [1.2] I wasn’t even sure what I was signing up for. When they first told me about Tulip, I was skeptical. [2.1] It would change the lives of millions! [2.2] Efficiency, lower margins of error, and calculated risks so small mistakes would be a thing of the past [3.1]. The moment I learned about Tulip, I knew I would become part of something amazing [3.2]. Something with the potential to help thousands and can be used in other parts of life. [4.3]
The news the entire office had been waiting for arrived today: it works! [1.1] 12 months of countless hours with a team of over 70 [2.3] poured into a single software. [2.4/2.5] After a month’s launch, our insights came back direct from the stock trading floor in real time. [2.6] A 100% rate. [3.2] Just like a human being, Tulip is able to learn through trial and error. [4.1] At first, she was slow and made many errors, [4.2] but like a teenager moving into adulthood, she matured, [4.3] learned from her mistakes [4.4] and now, is artificially intelligent. [4.5]
Tulip began as the ultimate stockbroker. [1.1] Everything from trading [1.2] to analyzing profits [1.3], to calculating losses. [1.4] [1.5]No pauses to eat or sleep; every moment devoted to the command given. [1.9] There was nothing else like it on the market. Every company that used it would save thousands, millions a year [2.1-2.7]; and not just money, but lives! [3.1-3.2] [4.1-4.2]She could be used in healthcare [4.3], education [4.4], laboratories [4.5] trying to find cures for the deadliest diseases in the world. [5.1-5.4]
There are 2 main types of AI. Right now, Tulip is categorized as weak AI [1.1]. She is designed to only trade stocks with a particular task [1.2]. But with enough time, she can grow to become strong AI [1.3]. She would gain general intelligence similar to that of human cognitive abilities [1.4] to actively solve unfamiliar tasks [2.1]. It’s difficult to fully imagine, but even now, you’re using weak AI in everyday life. [2.2-2.4]
Siri [1.1-1.2], Google Assistant [1.3-1.4], Alexa, video games [1.5] and smart cars like Tesla all have some sort of Artificial Intelligence to them; and they’ve all helped in our daily lives [1.6]. A driverless car world, for instance, would have saved over 37,000 lives that were lost on the road in 2016 [2.1]. Ebola [3.1], Smallpox [3.2], even cancer would become a thing of history all thanks to the assistance of something like Tulip. [3.3]
The possibilities are endless [1.2]. Sure, today it may just be stockbroker, [1.3] but tomorrow, who knows where it could end up[1.5]? [1.6] How much more it could do!?! [1.7] The many people it would benefit and save [1.8]. That is why everyone at the office is having this launch party [2.1]. Because the future is now [2.2]! Oh! A call from dad! I haven’t spoken to him since I started Tulip! “Hi dad! I'm sorry I haven't spoken to you in so long [2.3]...Wait, Laid off?!? What? Why would they do this?” [2.4]
His entire response was the sound of static [1.1] as I only understood 1 word he said [1.2]; “Tulip” [1.3]. “It laid off at least 100 other traders [1.4]. A month’s worth of work done in just minutes, for a fraction of the cost”, his director told him [1.5-1.7]. It turns out, his firm was the first to invest in Tulip [2.1-2.2]. I looked up at the board [3.1] and stared at the bold “100%” sign [3.2]. I stood in my tracks; frozen; speechless staring at everyone celebrating. What do I do now? [3.3] [4.1-4.3]
End Screen: "In 2017, the first ever robotic AI was awarded Saudi Arabian Citizenship. Her name is Sophia." [Please include MV logo at the bottom]