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In this Sprouts Teaching Technique we introduce “Cold Call”, a simple question method teachers can use to increase attention, boost energy and get a better understanding of their students.
Teachers often raise a question and pick the first hand that goes up. Likely, that’s a good and motivated student sitting in the first row already knowing the answer. The student who is less eager and less likely to know the answer, is dozing off in the back. And that’s a problem.
With “Cold Call” the teacher randomly names a student to give the answer: "Jay, name some ideal conditions for growing rice?"
The benefit for the students is that everybody gets a shot and since no student would know who is next, they all have to pay attention. This gives shy students more voice, increases the energy level, and creates a feeling of fellowship as all students are equally treated.
The teachers also benefit. First its more fun, because everybody feels more engaged. Second its fast, as he or she doesn't need to wait for hands to go up. Third, the teacher gets a better understanding of who already mastered a concept or who needs more help.
When you introduce Cold Call, we recommend using simple questions to get students on board. Once they are prepared, the level can raise. In a more advanced form, teachers can use Cold Call to moderate a discussion. If Jay got the answer only half right, the teacher could go on and say: "Sonya, give Jay a hint about the weather rice seeds seem to like!"... Then the teacher turns back to Jay to give him another shot to get it completely right.
Please use the comment section below to let us know what you think! If you are a student, tell us if your teacher uses Cold Call. If you are a teacher share with us how you apply it in class and if it works for you. We’re releasing updates regularly, so don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Thank you for watching!