Script & Storyboard
Well hello there, welcome to my evil lair. In case you haven’t heard of me before – which is highly doubtful – I’m called The Demonic King Victor Evilous. And as you can probably tell from my name, I am not going to be the good guy in this story. [1]
You see, despite my evil, dark, soul-sucking tendencies, I am quite simple. There is only one thing in this world I strive for [1] - it’s love – [P] bahahaha just kidding. [2.1] Oh I crack myself up. [P] It’s evil. [3] I have fought for centuries to make sure the evil world I call my home is up to my standards of evil – and that’s pretty high.[4]
When I was brought into the evil world, this realm was created and as I grew, so did it. [1] My entire life I spent nurturing it, adding only what needed to be added [2.1] and removing any useless peasants – Uh um pests. [2.2] It’s more than just a reflection of who I am, this place is me and I am devoted to keeping it that way. [3] But alas… I’ve lived for centuries, you know. [P] I’ve been through it all, taken everything I’ve needed, [4.1] enslaved the perfect creatures for the perfect tasks, [4.2] destroyed competitors, [4.3] suppliers, [4.4] family members blah blah blah I’ve done it all. [4.5] So what is a diabolical entity to do once they’ve made their world as perfect as can be? Well, my malevolent-challenged friends, one must expand. [P]
But how does one do that? Well, one must – ok you know what that’s enough of that. [1] I searched everywhere. Under the realms of hell and beyond. [2] You’d be surprised at how many evil worlds there are out there [3.1] but they’re all too occupied in their politics to see beyond their own misgivings. There is such thing as perfect tyranny, it’s kind of like sugar, spice and everything nice [3.2] but it’s more like blood, sweat and everything to do with death. [3.3] Anyway, I’m getting carried away, [p] so I searched everywhere, [4.1] had a few uncomfortable encounters [4.2] – the worst was all the small talk [4.3] – but I wasn’t getting anywhere for decades. [4.4]
It wasn’t until I ran into Amali, the evil queen of Mavos that I got some information. [1] We were catching up at a furniture show in Hellsweg [P] and she told me that when she was younger, her nanny told her a story [2.2] about when Lucifer tried to bring hell on earth. [2.3] Apparently, her nanny was once enslaved by Lucifer and read the story from one of his private books. [P] You cannot imagine how excited I was- it was my version of giddy. [3] Although dealing with Lucifer is always such a pain. I get it, you’ve been there since the beginning of time – whatever who cares. [4]
After about four hours into an afternoon tea with him, I figured it was a good time to subtly bring up the topic… [1] “So someone was telling me a story about the time you tried to conquer the human world by trying to bring hell on earth, what happened there?” [2] “Ha ha ha. Oh that’s a good story…” [3]
“You see, I had the brilliant idea when I was sharing some of my most vintage wines with some old angel friends of mine. We were discussing the state of the world and it’s inevitable doom – [1] I think it was around the time they had one of their so-called World Wars – [2] you know the one with the short, narcissistic, dictator with the weird mustache that was always screaming at everyone? [3] Anyway, they talked about how sad it was where the human race was headed and how it’s going to just end up being like hell anyway. [4] So I got the idea that if it was headed that way anyway, who better to rule it than the Prince of Darkness himself? [5] I mean, I have been around since the beginning of time.” [P][6f]
“The thing about the human world is that every one of our worlds is connected to it. [1] Sure we can easily travel to different worlds [2.1] but we are also able to close ours off, [2.2] like Timura – [2.3] who the hell even knows anymore if anything is still alive in there - [2.5] but the human world, it’s the core of every world that exists. [3.1], every world has some kind of portal to it, that's how we're able to travel to and from there even if we don't use the actual portal. [3.2] The only problem is, it’s invisible until the key is found and activated. [P] And to find the key, you have to go to the human world and first find the map to the key, [4.1] only THEN you can find the key, which will lead you to the portal. [4.2] It would really be quite a hassle now, it was only much easier back then because everything was either destroyed or getting destroyed so it was easy for me to rummage through all the broken buildings.” [4.4]
“And well? Did you find it?”[1] “Yes, yes I did. I almost succeeded too. I was literally at the portal when – [2.3] [3f] "Oh hi dear. I would looooveee some scones, do you have those little ones with the red jelly on top that’s lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar? Those are absolutely delightful! Victor? Would you like some?” [4] “No I’m fine, thanks.” [5] “Oh come on, you would love them!” [6] “I’m good. Thanks.” [P] “No. I won’t take no for an answer. Get him a few too. I’m sure he’ll want to take some home after he has a taste of it!” [7] [Voice Pause][8.1]“Now where was I? Oh yes right!”
“I had finally found the key when someone intervened. [1.1] I don’t remember his name, you know how heroes come and go. [1.2] He caught on to my plan around the time I was searching for the map and had been following me for quite some time. [1.3] He thought he could pull a fast one on me, but I caught him and brought him here to witness my extravagant entrance to the human world. [2] Of course, I proudly presented my plan to him – I mean it was quite inspiring! You would think he would’ve been at least a little impressed! [P] But no, while I was explaining my plan to him, he made a plan of his own. [3.1] In the end, he grabbed both the map and key and somehow I ended up destroying them when I destroyed him. [3.2] But don’t worry, he suffered a fate worse than endless hours of torture by fire and - [3.3] [4.1f] Oh! The scones are here!” [4.2]
Oh my evil demons, that was... exhausting. [1] Anyway, the important thing is, I got the information I needed. The map was located where I was born. [2] How simple. Yes that’s right, as most evils, I was born into the human world. [P] Apparently, it’s some kind of irony. Whatever. [3] The most important thing is, I had a destination… My original home sweet home. [4]
Where did The Demonic King Victor Evilous used to call home? Will he find the map? What will happen when he does? [1] Stay tuned! [2f]