Voice Artist

The Voiceovers in our videos are recorded by freelancers from around the world. We have 3 levels of expertise for voice recording, "trainee", "Normal" and "Premium" for which we pay $20, $50 and $100 per video from stories that are less than 1200 words and $40, $80 and $150 for stories that are more than 1200 words. 1 voice over should take about 1-2 hours of work.

Example of a voice over file

If you'd like to become a voice artist, all you have to do is record a sample for the following text and send it as an mp3 file to info@minutevideos.com with the subject heading 'Freelance Voice Artist'.

"Summer is a time of happiness, fun, pools, and vacations. Many families all around the world go on vacation with family members. My family is one of those many. This summer, we went to see my family that lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was so excited!”

If we like it then you can enroll in our Trainee program where you will be working on videos for our new Trainee Channel. From there you can progress through each level as you get better and eventually become a Premium level voice.

Below are 3 voices for your reference from each of the three levels and here you can read our guidelines for recording your voice.

Trainee Voice Sample

Normal Voice Sample

Premium Voice Sample

We can't wait to hear your voices :)


  • Must have a proper microphone (Cell Phone Recordings Will Be Rejected).
  • You have a quiet environment with no background noise.
  • You are able to edit and remove breaths, 'S's, and normalize your voice volume.

When you submit your application please also include you name, country and city of residence and your age. You can also add a photo if you like.

Parental Consent Form

Anyone between the ages of 16-18 must have the Parental Consent Form filled out by their parents.