Cover Image Artist

MinuteVideos Cover Image Artist:

Creating cover images is one of the most crucial tasks in the video production process. A cover image, along with its title, makes or breaks a video's success. If the cover image is not intriguing or dramatic enough, this will be directly reflected in the views of the video and therefore, cut into its profit as well. A great Cover Image Artist will understand that pressure and have the ability to create covers that makes the audience tick and click!

Job Description:

Cover Image Artists will draw and color in multiple cover images per video, according to the instructions of the project manager and taking into account the chosen title for the video. Naturally, you will need some degree of drawing skills and talent to fulfil this role. We will teach you everything else there is to know. Depending on the project and your experience, you will need between 1 to 3 hours to draw 2-3 cover images. We pay once the covers have been successfully created and approved by a Project Manager. There are 3 levels of expertise. Everyone will start at trainee and depending on your progress we will move you up:

Trainee: $10/ project

Normal: $30/ project

Premium: $50/ project

What We're Looking For:

You have a drawing and colouring software You are fluent in English. You are meticulous and detail-oriented. You follow instructions well. You want to learn something new. You want to be a part of something real. You get things done.

What To Do Next:

Please complete and submit the following test project (3 covers). When finished, attach your cover images to the following email with the subject titled "Freelance Cover Image Artist".

You will need to create 3 cover images for the title: “My Fictional Twin Saved My Life”

First watch the video in the following link: Video

Please visit the following link for a full tutorial: Full Tutorial

Create three cover images for this video and send it to the email above.


You'll be apart of a community of people who believe in helping others by positively bridging this world through empathetic stories. We know life gets busy and at times, crazy, so even if you have another job, we'd still love for you to join. As a freelancer, you set your work dates, times, and when you want to work. You can be a student, have a full-time job, part-time, or even a stay at home parent. As long as you are motivated and believe in doing good, we'd love for you to join.

If accepted, one of our team members will contact and enroll you into our Trainee program Trainee Channel. From there you can progress through each level as you get better and eventually become a Premium Cover Image Artist.

Parental Consent Form

Anyone between the ages of 16-18 must have the Parental Consent Form filled out by their parents.